Painted Pieces is your Faux Effects ® Silver Line distributor.  


Faux Effects® faux finishing products are a complete line of water based paint products from primers to topcoats engineered to work with ordinary latex paints. Easy to clean up and environmentally safe.

Faux Effects® products are used for a wide range of faux finishes from faux stone, brick, leather and easy marbles, to some of the hottest decorative and fantasy finishes on the market today. No more struggling with unclear directions and uncooperative materials, make the switch to professional grade products and achieve consistently spectacular results every time with ease, and in far less time. 

Faux Effects ® Silver Line Products include:

LusterStone®  |  AquaGlaze®  |  SetCoat®  | SetCoat® Metallics | NüVilla™

StucoLux™  |  FauxCreme®Colors | SandStone®  | MetalGlow™