Painted Pieces Art & Graphics has years of experience in creating unique works of architectural art with our faux painting techniques. Faux painting accents can add many benefits to your indoor or outdoor space. Whether you are looking to add a touch of color, intricacy, or warmth to your room, faux technique painting finishes will turn a bare wall into a dynamic work of art. Our faux painting techniques can transform your walls into any kind of texture you would like to replicate, whether marble or brickwork. Faux finishes can also be used to transform your walls into suede, faux wood, or plaster. There are many techniques used in faux painting to give it its characteristic look, including Venetian plasters, rag rolling, gradation, glazing, color washing, stripes, stippling, and antiquing.  Our faux painting designs can be customized to serve your purposes, whether you’re looking for commercial or residential faux painting work. To get a sense of our talent please visit our faux painting gallery. 

Our residential faux painting can replicate whatever look you want. Faux finishing is much more unique and looks more aesthetically pleasing than either bare paint or wallpaper, making it the best choice when the unique appearance of your walls is a priority. In addition, faux painting is easier to change or remove than wallpaper, because it consists of paint and not an added layer. In addition, faux painting is not nearly as common as wallpaper, bringing prestige to your walls, in addition to the aesthetic advantage they provide over all other options, including in most cases repairs. 

For our commercial faux painting clients, we have a wide range of techniques to create a unique look for your business with faux painting. Our faux painting techniques are available in large selection of finishes, giving many options when selecting the look you want for your walls.

Our Faux Services Include:

Faux Wood  |  Faux Marble  |  Decorative Plasters|  Stencils  |  Gilding & Metal Leaf  | Glamour & Glitz Metallics  |  Old World Finishes  |  Pearlescents   Leather & Suede

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